Since you’re here...
Pernille Kapper Williams
7.31.2020 – 8.23.2020

Photos by Sofie Amalie Andersen

Since you’re here...

It's a powerful time of contemplation and heightening your intuition, Leo, especially as Neptune goes retrograde today. What does this mean for you? When the planet of dreams and fantasies goes retrograde, it's time to think about how you can manifest your dreams into reality.

Your daily horoscope, June 23, 2020

The world is changing that much we know is true. Anything else than that can be difficult to establish as a fact; when what we thought was forward, proved to be going backwards, and when phenomena, which we had no idea existed, all of a sudden becomes crucial factors in our daily lives. In the wake of the worldwide spread of the COVID-19 virus and the following lockdown of our societies it has become even more apparent that uncertainty is a condition we must learn to live with.

During the 1970s and 80s Nexø harbour was packed with fishing boats. All the while Sweden and the Sovjetunion were discussing where to draw their internal sea borders, Bornholm was fishing away in the Baltic Sea. But after Denmarks’ acceptance into the EF in 1973 new quotas followed as an attempt to stall the extinction of species gaining momentum due to the ongoing overfishing – and soon the golden days at Nexø harbour were over. Today there are only a few fishing boats left and the harbour area is moving into a new phase. In the old industrial buildings there are now skateparks and take-away restaurants – and the building that hosts Sol, which used to be a cooling storage at the local fish auction, is now a platform for contemporary art exhibitions.

Pernille Kapper Williams points with her exhibition in Sol towards the fluctuating and ephemeral. Her round paintings are painted with several layers of make-up on canvas that change colours depending on the angle from which they are being looked at. The use of make-up instead of traditional paint makes the works more volatile than we are used to – with time the colours will change and maybe even disappear completely. Hanging in the former cooling room they create bonds criss-crossing between them and their context: from the ventilation system to the logo on the door and from the sun to the moon and all the planets. For the exhibition Kapper Williams has also made a publication that consists of a number os horoscopes she has been receiving on in the time leading up to the exhibition. A time marked by big changes and where the daily horoscope – based on speculations about distant action taking place somewhere in the universe – has offered it self as an anchor.

The exhibition spreads from inside the cooler to the outer flagpole at the northern pier. Here Kapper Williams has created a flag from one of her make-up paintings. The flag has no maritime function, nor any connection to a certain nationality or ideology, but it instills a free form of serenity – despite its windswept position.  It is constantly moving and will with time and weather be warn down. Flapping in the wind it opens a continuing space that radiates chaos and cosmos simultaneously; it reminds us of changes and forces we can’t be in control of but simply have to follow.

Pernille Kapper Williams (b. 1973, DK) graduated in 2006 from Städelschule - Staatliche Hochschule für Bildende Künste in Frankfurt am Main and today she lives and works in Copenhagen. She has been exhibiting both nationally and internationally and has received the Graduating award of Städelschule and the 3 year working grant from Statens Kunstfond. Besides having her own practice she organises and curates exhibitions. Kapper Williams is also the founder of @dengodelangeliste, a digital tool to raise awareness of art created by local female artists. In 2021 she will have her next solo exhibition at Die Raum in Berlin.

Text by Sofie Amalie Andersen, July 2020

Download the printed edition for the exhibition here

Curated by Sofie Amalie Andersen

The exhibition is supported by:
Statens Kunstfond and Kunst- og Kulturhistorisk Råd  (Bornholms Regionskommune)