Peter Voss-Knude, Marie Rafn, Alexander Brix Tillegreen, Ragnhild May,
Majse Vilstrup, Signe Boe og Sofie Amalie Andersen


cause we all shine on like the moon and the stars and the sun

*dansk version her*

On Sunday September 13th Sol invites for a party at the harhour in Nexø

During the day there will be sound art concerts and other performances
– and also a bar with fair prices

Ragnhild May
Alexander Brix Tillegreen
Marie Raffn
Peter Voss-Knude
Signe Boe & Sofie Amalie Andersen
Majse Vilstrup

The party starts at 14h and continues until sunset

Organised by Signe Boe and Sofie Amalie Andersen
This event was  made possible with the support from Slots og Kulturstyrelsens Sommerpulje and Møbelfabrikken, Nexø